Forum Title: How do you leave your brush in your cut bucket?
When I first started out painting 7 years ago, things were quite messy haha mainly due to my clumsiness and lack of how to properly dip my brush in paint. but recently moved from Utah to colorado a year ago and have been really experimenting with different things and have been really open to trying new techniques to gets things done faster with better quality. For some reason I never knew of this basic brush holder technique that's helped me tons as far as quick/easy access to my brush/paint until my boss showed me. what he does is just screws a hook right in the center of his brush under his bridge/saddle. So that way if I gotta put my cut bucket down all I gotta do is dip my brush to stay wet and then hook my brush to the rim of my cut bucket. Totally beats having to lean my brush on the dry side of my cut bucket hoping my bristles wouldn't dry bent of goofy. Or somehow fall to its side and submerge half my brush in paint. People around me like the magnetic clips but for me doing exteriors of houses I feel like carrying my cut bucket by my bucket hook all the way up a 40 foot ladder being the highest on some occasions is bound to get caught or snagged on something and end up falling 30 feet into someone's tomato plants haha just thought I'd share and see what other people consider.
Category: Painter Post By: MARGIE RAMSEY (Denton, TX), 07/04/2019

Do you mean ferrule? You must be a guitar player with the bridge/saddle reference. I don't think I'd like having anything screwed into the side of my brush. For exteriors I use a duce with a mini roller and grid and use a magnet for the brush since the bucket is kinda full. For interiors I don't keep my bucket that full so just dropping it in the bucket for just a little bit works for me. For longer breaks just wrap in plastic for a bit. Sent from my iPhone using

- CATHERINE CARTER (Midwest City, OK), 08/21/2019

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